ZINC token 500% up

Hey everyone, since my last post ZINC has pumped with more than 500% and I am even more interest in your thoughts.


I've been looking for quite some time for potential 100x entries and I found the ZINC token.
Coinmarketcap: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/zinc/

I am not a huge fan of ERC-20 tokens, but what got me is that this baby has a market cap below 10k USD and the token price is around 200x below ATH.

Normally when I do my research for such low cap tokens, 99% of them don't even have a working website.

The company itself has received quite a few rewards for the past year, is ISO certified and has pretty big customers as Bolt and HelloFresh (popular in my region).

Their idea is also quite interesting and from what I've found out, they use their token for service payments.