“You Must Stay Calm When Bitcoin Hits This Price” | Gareth Soloway

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“You Must Stay Calm When Bitcoin Hits This Price” | Gareth Soloway

In an interview with Thinking Crypto!, Trader Gareth Soloway gave his perspective on what to expect as we head toward his $9,000 Bitcoin price target. It’s no secret that Gareth has been calling for the downturn in Bitcoin’s price action way before the FTX collapse. In Gareth’s view, the FTX black swan event just magnified and solidified what he’s been saying. Gareth shared his current strategy as the markets unfold… which is to buy at $2 to 3K increments on the way down until Bitcoin reaches its bottom. But Gareth believes when Bitcoin reaches $10,000, many will panic and sell… which provides a golden opportunity for strong hands to pick up Bitcoin for cheap (relatively speaking). Gareth Soloway is renowned for his macroeconomic analysis, technical chart analysis, and trade signal alerts. He has created proprietary indicators like the Confirmation Signal, River Theory, Three Tail Theory, cycle analysis and a sentiment indicator that is game-changing. ———————————————– ► To watch the full interview: /> 🎥 We own commercial licenses for all the content used in this video except parts about the topic that have been used under fair use and it was fully edited by us. For any concerns, business inquiries, etc. please contact us via email in the “About” section of the channel. “Most Are Going To Panic When Bitcoin Hits This Price” | Gareth Soloway

10 thoughts on ““You Must Stay Calm When Bitcoin Hits This Price” | Gareth Soloway”

  1. Crypto crowd now screaming for government regulation 😂 Oh the irony. Another pillar to this BS Ponzi collapses.

  2. If Bitcoin is so good why people who understand abot this create Ehtereum, cardano and every cryptoshits else?

  3. I think Gareth compare pears with apples. BTC is a strange animal…let's see

  4. This criminal Zionists is a liar and please don’t trust anything he said
    Doge and shiba better than BTC

  5. Hundreds of thousands of buy orders are waiting for BTC to get to 10k – and that is EXACTLY why it isn't going to happen. Hey, if a $200k Ferrari gets to $5k I am buying. It isn't going to happen. 95% of the weak hands have been shaken out. The strong hands are accumulating, AND there is less BTC available to sell on exchanges as many holders are moving them into secure wallets – you do the math.

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