Yield Farming in a Bear Market (Earn with DeFi in Any Market)

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Yield Farming in a Bear Market (Earn with DeFi in Any Market)

Bitcoin has dropped significantly over the past several weeks, which has people worrying about whether we could be entering a bearish period like we saw in mid 2021. On this channel, I don’t predict market cycles; I discuss ways to earn passive income with DeFi, regardless of the market cycle. In this video, I discuss some strategies that I’ll use in the event that we do enter a bear market. Follow me on Twitter at k 0:00 Market Conditions 2:07 Opportunities in a Bear Market 3:04 Earning with Stablecoins 4:08 Anchor Protocol Offers 20% on UST 4:50 Earning with Blue Chip Cryptos 6:15 Examples of Blue Chips 8:28 Reinvesting Yield into Cryptos with Growth Potential 9:45 Portfolio Example on Osmosis 11:23 Curve Tricrypto 11:55 Beethoven Pools

8 thoughts on “Yield Farming in a Bear Market (Earn with DeFi in Any Market)”

  1. I am very bearish on BItcoin and crypto now. The weekly chart is showing a head and shoulders which has about an 80% success rate (if the shoulder breaks).There is also a monthly divergence for Bitcoin on the RSI and Stochastic ! I have sold all my crypto unless I see strength again.

  2. imo stable coin yield changed the game forever. No goin back now, only up from here in the mid to long term.

  3. Thanks for the video!! A couple of questions. when buying a blue chip volatile coin paired with a stable coin. would the best time to buy the volatile coin be when the volatile coin is down and your expecting it to go up or it is trading sideways. secondly, when it is paired with a stable coin, isn't impermanent loss very minimal. I am thinking the volatile coin and stable coin pair is like holding them separately because the stable coin is pegged to the dollar. Finally, How long are you staying in your High Conviction Large Caps?? if you could let us know also how long you stay in each breakout that would help also.. Thanks again!! very helpful..

  4. Great content, thanks for showing us osmosis awhile ago, it’s done me well. Would love to hear thoughts or things to look forward to on slow burning chains like Cardano, Dot, Ergo, Algorand, etc.

  5. Aren't bear markets like defy degens best-case scenario because we're not spending the make money and we're getting more coins

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