XRP This Will End The Case!! πŸ’£ This CHANGES EVERYTHING! πŸš€ “XRP is not a security” – Congress! 🚨


XRP This Will End The Case!! 💣 This CHANGES EVERYTHING! 🚀 “XRP is not a security” – Congress! 🚨

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10 thoughts on “XRP This Will End The Case!! πŸ’£ This CHANGES EVERYTHING! πŸš€ “XRP is not a security” – Congress! 🚨”

  1. Trump started working on QFS when he got in office that's why he made his trip to the Vatican and other countries. 17 elite forces. They have Sec law suit in place to by time.

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  3. The problem with "either the SEC is wrong, or Hinman"… They will say SEC is correct Hinman is guilty of personally steering the markets. SEC goes on unscathed, and Bill will be given life in prison, without parole….. in the most beautiful tropical island sipping on taxpayer funded mixed drinks with umbrellas in them. SEC doesnt lose face, and we never hear from ol Bill again. All the platers continue to play at ETH, and nothing is changed for the better.

  4. This is HORRIBLE! This means congress is going to drag this one, instead of just letting it get clarity. Were going to have to wait another year for this to even start moving….

  5. Lets be honest, the world knows, SEC knows, the real problem is the judge.. too blind or too stupid to see the truth.. those damn SEC laughing their ass off for stupid judge all those 2 years.. this is.. facts

  6. What a good point. Buddy can’t guide the market with his personal opinion in some big speech that’s crazy

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