XRP ONLY FOR INSTITUTIONS!?! πŸš€ You Wont believe this DOC!! πŸ’£ Ripple case is almost over! 🚨


XRP ONLY FOR INSTITUTIONS!?! 🚀 You Wont believe this DOC!! 💣 Ripple case is almost over! 🚨

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7 thoughts on “XRP ONLY FOR INSTITUTIONS!?! πŸš€ You Wont believe this DOC!! πŸ’£ Ripple case is almost over! 🚨”

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  3. Of course XRP is for institutions because Coinbase acknowledge it to not allow the public freedom to invest in XRP. Moreover, Coinbase did a bogus move for a non-tradable XRP token for all sovereigners and held XRP tokens holders hostage. Once "ConπŸ‘‰base" relist XRP I'm done with them they can't be trusted.

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