WOW! Bitcoin On Chain Data Now Saying THIS

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WOW! Bitcoin On Chain Data Now Saying THIS

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10 thoughts on “WOW! Bitcoin On Chain Data Now Saying THIS”

  1. Great Steve for the tireless research of key data to keep at during turbulent moments in the market. Keep at it, we are always looking forward to every update you bring our way. Thank you very much!

  2. The problem now with bottom hunting are these firms and exchanges that could be collateral damage from the FTX fallout ..One thing is for sure.. If crypro is indeed going to be the future TPTB arent going to pay retail for the bluechips ….A "convenient" chain of monumental black swan events would be like taking candy from a baby… Im betting we see at least $7 to10K BTC and $600-850 ETH before this thing is over… set your legacy limit buys accordingly

  3. I can't predict it. But I'm thinking that if price drops to 12-14k it will be bought up quickly. On the other hand, it seems that the higher bitcoin goes, the more it is subject to the same forces that drive other markets, such as the S&P500 and the DXY. Must be the same whales / sharks at play.

  4. If you see the chart, bitcoin market bottom is correlate with s&p market bottom ( -+ 1 -2 weeks apart each other)… i dont think today that s&p 500 is near bottom.. i think s&p500 bottom could be near covid crash (mid next year 2023), i could be wrong though..

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