Withdraw your XMR from Binance until May 20 or lost everything!

Official Binance's statement (2024-Feb-06):


  • Binance Will Delist XMR
  • Withdrawals of these token(s) from Binance will not be supported after 2024-May-20
  • Delisted tokens may be converted into stablecoins on behalf of users after 2024-May-21
  • Please note that the conversion of delisted tokens into stablecoins is not guaranteed.

31 thoughts on “Withdraw your XMR from Binance until May 20 or lost everything!”

  1. You know what would be smart as fuck?

    Shorting XMR right before that, so people who never withdrew their XMR will get auto sold into a stablecoin… slightly dropping the market?

    Though, I don’t know where is left to short xmr anyways

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  3. Not your keys not your coins. A good example why storing on CEX is never a good idea.

  4. Would be totally fine if they showed proof of burning those coins. But I bet they won’t and will come up with a reason for the conversion not taking place automatically.

    Btw let’s not blame Binance entirely. The main reasoyns for this is the regulator cracking down on privacy coins. Governments have figured they won’t stop crypto, so they are adopting it, while also making sure we use it the way they decide works for control, surveillance, and taxing purposes. Complain to your representatives. CZ is more on your side than the bureaucrats

  5. So sad that they are getting rid of the only true untraceable coin, and pushing stuff that claims to be same but is not

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