Winklevoss Twins present Prime Minister of Ireland with Bitcoin PEZ Dispenser.

Reason being, Gemini has officially announced Ireland for European HQ

10 thoughts on “Winklevoss Twins present Prime Minister of Ireland with Bitcoin PEZ Dispenser.”

  1. These fucking guys. I’m surprised they are showing their faces in public. I’d be pissed if my money was still locked up in that Gemini Earn product…. Then again, Mashinsky is walking around free and his platform collapsed completely with everyone’s money

  2. Clearly the Irish prime minister didn’t do a background check on these dudes (or he did but the money was too good to turn down)

  3. Saw a reply to one of the Winklevii along the lines of “i am now seeing how Zuckerberg tricked you so easily.”

  4. Hang on, the two most boring billionnaires on the planet are out here gifting PEZ dispensers..?

  5. Did they make him send a copy of his passport and utility bills and a driver license selfie first?

    These government shills are not bitcoiners.

  6. Suckling up the biggest, (foreign) globalist sell out the country has to offer

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