Will Cardano PUMP or Crash? Should You Buy ADA?

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Will Cardano PUMP or Crash? Should You Buy ADA?

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10 thoughts on “Will Cardano PUMP or Crash? Should You Buy ADA?”

  1. Its niether, this is bearish volitility ada has been under 5p twice in the last post havlings bear runs, market is getting close to bear bottom and could this be like this next year! its post halving we'll see some top side…plenty of dca to focus on !

  2. Cardano will be one of the few to survive this brutal bear market till 2024/25. Crypto is now like the end of the 90s during the .com bubble burst …

  3. People with money are buying Cardano now. I am buying 5000 per week, how many people like me?

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