Will BCH face slow death and phase out? BTC vs BCH analysis.

I decided to gather some facts about BCH and how it is performing years after it created a split from BTC. What I found is that BTC leads in lot of fundamental parameters over BCH. There are some people who are very bullish on BCH and don't listen to anything in regards to BTC. But do look at the research below and give it a thought.

1) Control of top 100 Richest addresses- For BCH they control 39% of the supply while for BTC 16%. Also it has increased significantly for BCH in the past 3 years from 32% to 39%.


Source: bitinfocharts

2) Market performance in the past 5 year- BTC gave 375% gains while BCH gave 43.8%.


Source: Crypto profit calculator


Source: Crypto profit calculator

3) Transaction Volume- Number of transactions are lower 17.9k on BCH vs 673k on BTC. Way less if valued in dollars i.e. $38 M on BCH vs $8.61 B on BTC.


Source: bitinfocharts


Source: bitinfocharts

4) Network Hashrate- BTC has 160 times more hashrate indicating a more robust infrastructure.


5) Unique Active Address- BTC has 14 times more unique active addresses.


Source: bitinfocharts