Why safety risk could slow down crypto adoption and what could be the way forward?

No financial institution is totally immune to security exploit but that of the crypto industry is becoming a concern.

Few weeks ago Houbi was a casualty when about 8 million dollars worth of eth was drained and later returned via a proposed deal of 5% payment of white hat bonus for the hackers. Poloniex is now the latest hit with about 100 million dollars assets drained and similar deal has been proposed to get the assets back


This reoccurring security risk of users assets is a concern that has obviously slowed down adoption of crypto and demands prompt solution by stake holders in this space to ensure safety or reduce the situation to barest minimum.

Tho, we still have some platforms that have remained secured but my question is: what are these few platforms particularly exchanges like Kraken, Bitget and few others doing right that others aren't doing or why can't there be synergy among these platforms to share ideas and make the industry safe and attractive such as it's obtainable in the traditional financial institution?