Why people are going ALL IN on $MAGIC | next big NFT coin?

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Why people are going ALL IN on $MAGIC | next big NFT coin?

NFT collectors are going nuts over Treasure DAO and Smol Brains. In this video I explain the main things you need to know about the DAO that people are calling “The Nintendo of Web 3”, and why some collectors are selling blue chip NFTs (Bored Ape Yacht Club, Cool Cats, Pudgy Penguins) to get exposure to this new ecosystem. Follow me on twitter: x Treasure website: NFT rarities for staking: Arbitrum bridge: 0:00 start here 1:10 the Nintendo of Web 3?? 2:20 the main parts of Treasure DAO 2:59 the lifeblood 3:17 $MAGIC – what is it? 3:59 tokenomics 5:01 Why MAGIC is important 6:32 the bull thesis ($$$) 7:53 how to buy $MAGIC (important!) 9:19 what else can you buy? Smol Brains, Legions and more 11:50 RISKS/CONCERNS 13:55 next steps Nothing in this video is financial advice, it’s only for entertainment purposes.

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10 thoughts on “Why people are going ALL IN on $MAGIC | next big NFT coin?”

  1. Hate being that guy, but I would genuinely appreciate if you check my Twitter DM to you. Cheers, mate.

  2. I was hoping that you'd come up with a $MAGIC video on YouTube after seeing your tweet about it! Awesome explanation as always. Thank you 🙂

  3. I was too early in Magic. Farmed N and got 50k magic. Sold everything at 0.1c. Now it's worth 60E

  4. thanks for the video its super interesting. seems like smol brains is definitely gonna be a blue chip

  5. Amazing video. Thanks. You said it well. The key word is friction. It is so super complicated to get on, that widespread adoption will be very slow. Thanks!!

  6. What do you think of that famous basketball player's NFT project? Did you heard about it? Is someone already in it? https://discord.gg/K2zygSc8VR

    It has a clean website, sick designs, good roadmap, it gets a lot of hype via social media & a cheap mint price. thank me later

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