Why I see two similar operation for every outgoing tx I do?

I tried to search for the answer before posting but found nothing.

I'm just curious about why I see two transactions for every outgoing transaction I make, with slightly different addresses.

I remember reading something about scam attempts using similar addresses but I don't see how would that work because that info appears AFTER I made the transaction to the correct wallet.

Also, I'm not transferring double the amount, only the correct is impacting my balance, as supposed, so I don't really understand how to read this information.

Also, if I'm not actually sending anything in the “ghost” transaction, why the hell is appearing in the Trezor interface? I guess I never approved anything about them because, in effect, only the “real” transaction is approved and executed.

I'm probably misunderstanding something… can anyone enlighten me a little bit?


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2 thoughts on “Why I see two similar operation for every outgoing tx I do?”

  1. It’s a form of address poisoning attack.


  2. i dont understand how the scammer make the transaction as outgoing ?!

    it would be really nice if you can send me your address privately i would like to look at how he did so.

    but dont send it if you feel uncomfortable revealing your address

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