Why does passphrase need confirmations?

When I do a transaction from metamask, I have to enter the passphrase twice:


And then I have to confirm the passphrase on the device.

Why all the steps to make sure you entered it correctly? If you enter incorrectly, you will just get a blank wallet, and you can't perform your transaction, right? Or am I missing something? It seems like it could be a quicker process.

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2 thoughts on “Why does passphrase need confirmations?”

  1. I suppose you use a Trezor One? Not sure how that one works exactly, but on Trezor Model T, if you enter a passphrase for an empty wallet, it will make sure you typed the passphrase correctly. Because if you mistyped a single character, send money to your wallet and you don’t know which letter was wrong, that money is gone.

  2. Because the wallet wants you to unlock your hidden wallet, to be able to sign tx.

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