WHY DID BITCOIN CRASH? [What This Means For Bitcoin…]

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WHY DID BITCOIN CRASH? [What This Means For Bitcoin…]

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9 thoughts on “WHY DID BITCOIN CRASH? [What This Means For Bitcoin…]”

  1. The price of bitcoin went down (10% isn't a crash) because it's a financial asset and price doesn't always go up. We're not the S&P500 where the market closes every time something drops a bit too fast. Price goes both up and down

  2. Time to erase all crypto channels for the coming months. See you when the bull is back. It’s bear time right now so I’m going to hibernate for the coming period. Ciao!

  3. Manipulation!!! And then they wonder why their is no retail investors… Because it takes 3 months to realise the state of the manipulation… You guys all wanted Bitcoin to be mainstream now it's just a well's Fargo and friends charity vault… And you all are the idiots building up their vaults

  4. ??? Weekly? Before we came down the line for Seconds / Minutes not like now for Hours. 🀦🏻

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