Why Crypto Market Dip May Be Good For Web3 Development


As 2022 has approached its equator, the cryptocurrency market continues to experience one of the toughest meltdowns in its history, with Bitcoin dropping by 50% since its November ATH and the overall global market cap falling below $850 billion.

When newly launched coins start to show signs of volatility, it is perceived as a normal practice. However, when top leading cryptocurrencies go bearish, there is no wonder why big investors start to panic: their funds lose value, and the population of crypto enthusiasts decreases.

With the world caught up in a geopolitical crisis and inflation, the last thing you want is to lose money.

But not everything is nearly as gloomy as it might seem. Many crypto analysts strongly believe – now is the most perfect time to start investing and creating. In this article, we will talk about what makes skilled digital finance professionals think today’s market dip could make crypto stronger and lay the foundation for the market’s prosperous future.

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reddit imageWhy Crypto Market Dip May Be Good For Web3 Development

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  1. Nice shill bro but I do agree with you. The crash is really showing us what these networks and projects are going to make it. You see Eth and Polygon building despite market conditions and you see networks getting crushed. This will truly reveal all.

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