Why are NFTs so Ugly?

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Why are NFTs so Ugly?

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9 thoughts on “Why are NFTs so Ugly?”

  1. The internet version of wearing a "KICK ME" sign or having bright poisonous colors. "Stay away, i'm unstable" in visual form.

  2. i just don't understand how they can sell images of other people or other franchises. isn't that illegal? i wouldn't want someone to sell an NFT of me, that's kinda screwed up.

  3. Most are get-rich-quick schemers. Not artists. They post their "art" on a sub, convince people it's somehow a worthwhile investment, and make a quick "flip" off of mediocre work. Any subsequent sale gives them money, even if sold at a loss.

    Money launderers are inclined to continue the usage of these NFTs, since it legitimizes the value which stabilizes it for laundering.

    There were articles of a "real" artist named Beeple who made several million from a collage of all his work. Prior to this, the most he sold a piece for was $100. His stuff was more tasteful, to say the least.

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