Who bought Bitcoin for 10k, admit it..


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  1. Ok. I did. What if it? I buy regularly at the price then on market
    I bought at 69k too.

  2. I bought at $6k but also at $60K, still holding both bags and never regretting it one bit 😁

  3. Man I bought at $200. Then I decided I’d rather party and drink, so I sold again shortly after 😥

  4. I may have been a degen in high school, But buying one whole coin at 5k 10 years ago was the smartest decision I’ve ever made.

  5. 98% of my stack is bought below 10k. I did fomo a bit at 47k.
    Still Waiting to buy some more on this dip.

  6. Started buying at 8k, never sold, haven’t bought in a while because os circumstances but avoiding selling as I know BTC is undervalued at the moment

  7. Lowest I purchased was $6k. Highest (so far) has been $65k ish. And I keep buying all the way up and all the way down.

  8. You’ll get another chance to buy close to that later this year.

    The real pain of this bear market is yet to come. Not a popular opinion to hold around here, but it’s coming.

  9. Started my bitcoin journey at 12k (2019), bought more at 8k and have no buys over 30k. But that’s because I was cash broke when it was over 30k. Wish I had of taken profit when it was at 60k but I’m in it for the long run.

  10. Like a lot of ppl here, bought in low single digits and kept DCAing all the way up to 60 and back down. Price doesn’t matter to me it’s an infrastructure inversion.

  11. I’ve been in this since 2013, haven’t sold any. My great great great grandkids gonna have a good life

  12. I was going to buy a few for about $100 a piece, but this was before there was an easy way to buy some and there was rumors (or more than rumors) that some banks were freezing accounts for people who tried to make money orders for certain sites that were selling bitcoin. I was too inexperienced and hesitant to go through with it so I decided not to. I’m still a bit disappointed that I never went through with it but oh well. I did tell my friends that Bitcoin was gonna blow up and they didn’t believe me but now I can at least say that I was completely right 🙃

  13. That’s nothing, I sold my old Wow Account for 120 btc when it was worth less then 1 dollar.

    Eventually found a PC hardware seller accepting BTC in ebay.

    That was one of a kind expensive pc.

  14. I picked up 3.5 Btc when it was around $180-$200 back in 2015 I think.
    Then proceeded to “spend” it on naughty things from the dark Web!
    Silly silly boy!
    Now I’m stacking again and will be till 2030 at least.

  15. Mined a block of 50 – it sat on my work PC for a year or so, didn’t know what to do with it. Lost it when I left the job and didn’t think I’d need it. Ahhh… just 50 BTC… I try not to think of it often.

  16. I just met a guy while visiting some extended family that bought his kid 4 BTC @$400 for his HS graduation. The kid sold it for a guitar soon after. He says they would joke about that guitar being worth 200k on the open market. I am assuming the guy saved some BTC for himself as he was telling me this story from a 7,000 sqft house on 13 acres. I never get to hear these stories irl, only online. It was so refreshing to witness the success and joy BTC/Crypto can bring.

  17. Got my first full coin at $2500. My second at $3500, my third at $4500, then $6500 and $7500. Since then, I have stacked smaller amounts all the way up to $60k and all the way back down. We are still earlyyyyy…

  18. I bought at $10k. I also bought below that. And I bought more above that. Haven’t bought any in maybe 2 years or so, and I only have a fraction of what I used to own. But I definitely profited and bought “low”, comparatively speaking.

  19. I bought at 16 k. Everyone on here was calling for 14 k, I just slammed the hammer and it feels good for now. Who the fuck knows.

  20. 3k 10k 20k 30k 40k 50k 60k and half of it I stupidly gave away to Celsius. 🙄

  21. 3k 10k 20k 30k 40k 50k 60k and half of it I stupidly gave away to Celsius. 🙄

  22. No lie, I bought for $278 after the real first bull run in 2013. Long gone unfortunately.

  23. I bought 1600 and 65k and between. Average above 10k. I’m not American so obviously not feeling rich at all. But relieved that world could bend on it’s knees and I should do fine or at least not die of hunger.

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