What you all buying?

Low cap coins are in free fall while heavy caps have huge selling pressure. Is this the last dip before a bull run or this is a start of a bear market. Crypto investment calculator says the long term look of big coins still looks good but altcoins on the other hand are nearing graves. This could be a good time to create a mix basket of high cap and low cap coins.

The greed and fear index says 29. My heart says its time to be brave but my wife says I am stupid. Who should I listen too. I sent a blast message to everyone on Whatsapp to buy 😀

50 thoughts on “What you all buying?”

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  2. I just buy a little btc whenever i have excess money. Then depending on how high i am i buy banano.

  3. I’ll continue to keep it BTC heavy for now. At some point I’ll convert some of it into alts for more volatility but I’ve been very BTC heavy for a while now and it helped me avoid a lot of bullshit.

  4. In the last hour after seeing a noticeable dip I dumped money into around 30 or so of the top cryptos in my portfolio. BTC and ETH top holders and then a mix of other alts in the top 100 I’ve been accumulating. Kind of expecting a downward trend for a little while so will probably do the same once or twice a week as long as there’s still some mix of upwards and downwards volatility. If things look like they’re going to shit I’ll probably check out of the crypto scene until things settle down one way or another

  5. This is such a sad time. I thought we would be completely out of the winter by now. 😔 😟 🙁

    Moving all my project coins save imx and lrc into btc, eth, and solana.

  6. Already happy with my BTC/ADA bag. Currently finishing my LINK bag and started a Polkadot bag. Will buy SOL soon after I sell one of my stocks.

  7. BTC, ETH, MATIC, ADA, SOL, LINK, ATOM (big fan of staking it), and JASMY on this dip so far. Holding on to more cash and waiting to see if we drop anymore. JASMY is one of the few newer Altcoins I’m gambling on this cycle a bit.

  8. More Litecoin. If we get Solana anywhere near the $100 point, more of that. Already have a pretty large allocation in Bitcoin and ethereum.

    Depending on how cheap things get, I might pick up small positions in the narrative products, gaming coins, layer 2s.

    There is a curiosity though, what if we’re in recession, Fed will have to aggressively stimulate. You set up for a similar situation as March 2020 if it catches people off guard, seems bad enough, negative GDP type things. Who knows but I wouldn’t be 100% surprised if we get some massive flush out testing 20-30k and what we just went through was a mid cycle pump ala 2019

  9. I’m just hitting the bong and holding the coins right now. Don’t expect a lot to happen for awhile.

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