What was YOUR best 2022 crypto moment and why?

There's way too much negativity at the moment while the holidays are coming up. So let's try something positive: What was your best or most fun crypto moment this year and why? Please dont forget to elaborate!

For me, the first moment that comes to mind is when a New York Times / Magazine reporter named John Herrman contacted me for an interview after the collapse of FTX, because I had a top post with 1.7k upvotes on the “FTX Files for Bankrupty Protections in US” post where I joked that FTX should be added as a reason that I would not be invited to Thanksgiving and Christmas:


I had to admit to the reporter that my comment was a joke, to which he replied: “Ha! Well thanks for admitting it early. I’ll let you know if I need anything.” He didnt need anything in the end. I believe the article he ended up writing on this story was this one.


This moment added a bit of fun to an otherwise terrible event. I have gotten some press due to my work but never this high profile. Had to laugh that my shitposting was getting me bigger exposure than my work.

What was YOUR best 2022 crypto moment and why?