What tokens are the best recovering after Bitcoin decline?

Hello everyone, it seems today is a green day, after yesterday's fall, many tokens have gone up today, but which projects have recovered the best after Bitcoin dropped to 39,500?

It seems to me that MATIC, NEAR, ROSE have shown excellent growth for today. What do you think?

38 thoughts on “What tokens are the best recovering after Bitcoin decline?”

  1. JACY was green today, yesterday and the day before. Community run token that is growing. Come have fun with us!

  2. Y’all need to check out Jacy. It is on the uptrend and looks very promising. New devs, great community. White paper out. I would throw some coins there.

  3. Lol wtf is jacy and why are the bots shilling it. In terms of what’s doing good, I think Matic, FTM and DOT. Dot is finding multiple week long support on the June deadcat bounce.

  4. Chromia doing well, i also hope and think cocos might break the downtrend soon

  5. JACY is going bananas in a bear market. Can only imagine how good it would run in a bull!

  6. So many shill bots. Even programmed to claim they’re not bots when you mention the word bots and jacy

  7. Jacy are on fire πŸ”₯, best community token run, amazing dev teams, very transparent and still very early. This token will make alot of people rich 2022 πŸš€

  8. I swear to God my 2 best performing tokens are SafeMoon & Green Chart. You can’t make this shit up.

  9. VINU is up 5.4% today

    Long-term outlook looks good, with pending exchange listings and burns.

    +Feeless, so you don’t have to worry about gas fees.

  10. Out of all I have in my bag, BNB and NII are the ones that have recovered and given me some good returns. I am not surprised as I did my due diligence on research before investing in them. They are both solid gems

  11. Heard jacy was ass. Might look to buy some MATIC and ONE thoughπŸ‘πŸΌ

  12. Right now it looks like NEAR is getting some FOMO attention, MATIC and LUNA are solid projects and have been pretty good at rebounding after each fall. I personally have been accumulating SOL and ETH during this crash. But picked up MATIC at 1.92 and LUNA at 63. Pretty happy with that for now. Ask me next week πŸ˜….

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  14. In my bag VRA (Verasity) currently sitting at +17.8%. idk if i should take a bit out, since I feel we might dunk again.

  15. Almost all Cosmos based projects have been killing. NGM, ATOM, OSMO are some of the best recovering tokens.

  16. I recommend Jacy. I put in about 20 grand in it and I’m now planning on HODLING it until I have at least 200 dollars left because it’s nothing more than a rugpull πŸ‘

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