What The Future Holds For NFTs

Brett Malinowski

What The Future Holds For NFTs

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9 thoughts on “What The Future Holds For NFTs”

  1. Brett is there any way I can chat with you? I work on the finance industry and I have ideas for that particular industry

  2. Amber Island is building a very cool NFT project about whisky lovers. Gotta check them out.

  3. Been following you since your first vidio Brett. And i admire you for what you are doing for the NFT space the knowledge you are sharing with us. Brett way is the best way

  4. got a position building with an nft project (ill be on the media side with video editing and also youtube management), glad to be here for the long term!

  5. Honestly the fact that brett is still posting videos, giving us advice, sharing skills etc etc is great. BUT to be completely honest the most amazing thing about this guy is the fact that he doesn't settle down and doesn't stop looking for ways to grow and evolve is a fucking big dick move. I'm 22 myself and have been following the space since august and can honestly say, this guy is WOKE! Love the drive and ambition you have brother, Its nice to see someone still going hard during the bear market!

  6. Respect Brett… But I dont see how this is being on the forefront or a step ahead of anything… Your basically saying everything you've been pushing for the last year to build your following is a sham (and im not letting you off the hook for saying DYODD every vid)… Anyone with half a brain would have seen long long ago that the NFT market as is stood was a massive bubble waiting to pop, and while there are projects such as Magic Mushroom Clubhouse that meant well you have to admit it was misguided and at this point only lost people (who weren't short term flippers) a lot of money only to direct them to more "partners, collabs and projects" that also lost people money.

  7. Im going for the gaming and massive utility take for my project. Im only 18 so have found it hard to find a team so have been working with people on fiver to develop it. The game will be skill to earn fighting game where the winner takes all. For the utility I am creating online courses on how to create your own collection and more. I have just begun marketing for the project but finding it extremely difficult. Thanks for all your videos they have helped me alot!

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