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Lunacian Code: ELIJAH Link to Mino’s Twitter thread: /> Link to eNeFeTero’s Twitter thread: /> / Follow me on Twitter @Elijah_MT8 Timecodes: 0:00 – Classic vs Origins 2:11 – Community Backlash 4:12 – What’s the solution? 6:45 – What makes a player great in Origins? 7:44 – S2 AXS Rewards Structure 10:40 – The Good News


  1. Updates getting worse and taking so long. Developers working 2 hours twice a week and enjoy sleeping. Rest in peace scammas

  2. they will keep origin shit until new bull run, when new bull run will come the game will be awesome, the AXS and SLP will increase and people who will own those assets will make lot of profit, including the team.

  3. Origins won't ever surpass V2 as long as it keeps that single player combat system that was copied from a… welll single player game (Slay the spire) The combat system is it's main flaw and what makes Origins so much $ and rng dependant and not as much in skill.

  4. I think you are partly right about the Leaderboard, but we should reduce it to 20k instead of 10k. As you stated whoever has the best axie(translated into has more money) wins more games and people do play for the prize money alone.20K would be perfect because people with low budget can aspire to qualify and at the same time you will be rewarding higher ranks.For example I do not think I want to buy a team and runes and charms to be top 10k.I want to be able to get some prize money with my team without having to bleed my pockets dry

  5. S1 would be my last season its tiring to start from scratch again, 20 of my axie became useless, Fixing cards that aint even broken just so people would spend again , thats criminal.

  6. The Biggest problem of all is the balancing. When you have a powerful axie today and tomorrow that axie is nerfed, so there's no point to have an axie at all.

  7. The issue boils down to the fact that you have a group of game devs who are bad at their job. from the top down. Sounds harsh, but that's the reality. They spent years building origins and somehow came up with a much worse game, and it's not like classic was some AAA masterpiece. the supposed best parts of origin (upgraded graphics, crafting mechanics) dont even hold up as good when compared against other web2 games of their type. IMO there is virtually 0 chance this group of people build anything that remotely resembles a good game. It looked for a long time like axie would be the one to bridge web3 gaming to the main stream, but it's painfully obvious at this point that the group of people steering the ship have no sense of direction and axie aint it.

  8. Thanks for still making content and being honest. I still have all my axies from v2, but completely stopped playing Origin. It's just not enjoyable in my opinion. I still keep holding out that there will be something else to do with my axies later in the future, but I am feeling less and less hopeful as time goes on.

  9. Hiring Philipp La was their biggest mistake. They already have million players before and get too greedy and decided to created a childish game. Now they lost almost every player.

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