What is the cheapest way to buy Altcoins on the Ethereum network? (high gas fees)

I am looking to buy 20-30 Altcoins to make a portfolio – most of these coins are on the Ethereum network and from my understanding, the only way to buy some of them is to swap it with ETH on a DEX (correct me if I'm wrong… relatively new to this).

The problem is high gas fees – even when gas fees are low it charges me $15-$20 to swap. E.g., I want to buy Rollbit (RLB) – if I swap 0.1 ETH ($345 at time of writing) it will charge me $50. Is there any solution to this?

Some coins aren't even on Arbitrum's network, like Rollbit (RLB). So I'm a bit confused how crypto traders make their alpha when some altcoins on ethereum have these gas fees.

Any comments or help will be highly appreciated!!!!


3 thoughts on “What is the cheapest way to buy Altcoins on the Ethereum network? (high gas fees)”

  1. What I’ve been doing is saying fuck it and dealing with the gas fees. Only better option is to wait when the eth network isn’t so busy but it’s hard to time that.

  2. I’d like to pick up a handful of altcoins to hold but I’m having the same issue. For example, if I buy $30 worth, I get hit with another $30 gas fee, so I’m down 50% until it doubles in price. It only makes sense for larger transactions, i.e. buying $300-worth and paying that same $30 gas fee.

    My ethereum is up a lot and I’d like to diversify into some smaller opportunities with more room to grow but it seems silly to blow all the gains on transaction fees.

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