What is Memecoin season? How are people making millions on these seemingly worthless coins?

Are Meme coins still in season? I think so…

I would like to talk about Memecoins, and how such seemingly pointless projects end up making a lot of people millions of dollars…

What is it that attracts people to meme coins? Is it the hype and chance of a quick fortune?

I guess no one really knows other than the want to buy because everyone else is buying…

One thing I do know about memecoins is this, the people that get in before the coin or token is actually released are the ones who make the most money.

Take $SPOD for instance, I’ve been watching this new project “SpodMoon” grow on their twitter and in their telegram. They had just 70-80 members a few days ago, now it’s almost 250 without any bots. I really think that it’s a strong project based on that point.

What do you guys think drives memecoins such as $PEPE AND $SPOD?


3 thoughts on “What is Memecoin season? How are people making millions on these seemingly worthless coins?”

  1. I don’t know but why did $Ladys and $Pepe get listed by crypto. Com so fast? And uphold listed pepe. That’s strange.

  2. Quite simple ppl are greedy and they don’t wish to miss an opportunity to have gains. Plenty missed or FOMOED on BTC or some other more known coins.

    Best way to make millions is to have good connections and be the Dev.

    Let’s take Pepe even though the creator is known and has plenty of pre-dropped tokens on his wallets ppl are still buying in hopes to retire early.
    As for the one you’re shilling no idea what it does but I’d guess it’s the same concept.

    Personal opinion why crypto com, binance and some others listed it is mostly coz of the MC that was a bit over 2bil, and they saw the opportunity to earn some nice cash from transactions be it maker/taker or long and short but mostly short coz these kind of coins will go down especially since the bear is still ongoing.

    Anyway better stay away from shitcoins.

  3. This is clearly an obvious spampost attempting to promote another new shitcoin.

    Greed. Greed is the answer, and you’re part of the problem right here.

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