What is AAVE? (Informative video


What is AAVE? (Informative video

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  1. Here are the additional resources if you can’t see the Desc for some reason:

    Additional resources



    Decided to make this video as it was a video I’ve been wanting to do for awhile right when I started making the Pride informative videos, so now that I’m finished with most of the requests, I did this one.
    Hopefully this educates some people.Or helps you to understand.

    Edit: If you grew up with it, it’s fine, idk what the circumstances are for that.That’s why I put the part for Southern U.S English since Ik some people probably use it as it’s part of their English.These came from a masterlist so I can’t tell you what’s exactly AAVE and what’s not, it’s just saying it came from roots of black culture,as to educate.

  2. I didn’t know sus was aave, I thought it was just from the among us craze 😭😭

  3. Dude I say “tho” and I didn’t even know-
    I use it as a shortened version of “though” but does it really make a difference?
    That kinda sounded rude on my part, but it’s a genuine question.

  4. I'm Finnish and i did not know that if i were to say aave in English it would mean something bad. (Aave means ghost in Finnish)

  5. I use bae for babe as in dating I think it’s ok right? I feel like if you’re not making fun as in sis my sister it fine?

  6. Edit; I just watched the clarification video. I grew up speaking those words/ typing them like that so it’s ok?? /genq

    Wait, I’ve said tho and hella most of my life (I’m white and I am fully aware that 1/32 Spanish DOES NOT COUNT here) tho I use through texts as an abbreviation and hella I sometimes use through frustration and sometimes replace with hecka. I had no idea they were AAVE and I want to know if I can use those because I have used them quite a bit and if it’s a no, it’s a no. I will stop using them, I wanna make that clear. I don’t think I use any others

    Oh and I’ve used another two but I can easily stop using one. Also I didn’t know spill the tea was AAVE. That has been used by white people A LOT growing up, so I thought it ok to use like that, clearly not!

    I’m guessing sis isn’t meant as an abbreviation for sister?

    Does context matter for all of these?

    I want to know so I don’t get it wrong and use a dialect I am DEFINITELY not allowed to use

  7. Oh- i actually never knew that Tho, Sis, sus, And some other of these words are actually AAVE.

    I've been using them all the time and no one ever told me.
    But also, Doesn't woke just mean wake?(Like Woke up means Wake up.) Just asking since i thought it was a actual word in the dictionary, Not a AAVE.

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