What happens if exodus goes out of business? Do I lose my coins?

In the event exodus wallet goes out of business what happens to my coins. Can I still use the app on my iPhone to export to other wallets?

Or as long as I know my address I can still take my money out the exodus wallet even if they out of business?

What happens if exodus goes out of business? Do I lose my coins?

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    1. Exodus will NEVER ask you for your 12-word phrase, keys, or identifying information. Exodus will NEVER send you to another website to do any kind of updates except for our official website at https://exodus.com/
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  2. Nope, doesn’t matter. It’s just a wallet. Your crypto is on the blockchain, all wallets are just for interacting with the blockchain.

  3. No. Just download any other wallet they supports your tokens and input your seedphrase.

  4. Seems you might be confusing a centralized exchange (Coinbase, etc.) with a external wallet, desktop/mobile wallet, etc.

    with the later, the chain addresses is yours (tied to your keys)

    CEX are custodial, they own your keys. why it’s more ‘dangerous’ per se, as technically a CEX could run away with your money, i.e. quadrigaCX

  5. I like to think of a wallet as a window looking into the Blockchain.

    Your coins will always be there on the Blockchain, you just put in your unique code (seed phrase) into the wallet, and the wallet will open the window to that particular part of the Blockchain so you can view much you have.

    Doesn’t matter if the window breaks or dissapeared, you can open another window from somewhere else to look at it.

  6. If exodus ever goes out of business the wallet would still be there to interact with. The wallet is just software. So if you have it on your pc it’s there forever. Even if exodus goes out of business you will be able to interact with your exodus wallet like nothing ever happened. The thing that would impact you is there would be no more development/updates/new tokens and no support for the wallet. But as far as security of your tokens you have nothing to worry about.

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