What FTX’s Collapse Means for Coinbase


What FTX’s Collapse Means for Coinbase

Shares of Coinbase skyrocketed over the past week since rival crypto exchange FTX filed for bankruptcy. Cathie Wood’s ARK Investment Management ETF bought 238,000 more shares worth roughly $12.1 million. Oppenheimer Senior Analyst Owen Lau discusses the FTX collapse and whether it could be a positive development for Coinbase.

8 thoughts on “What FTX’s Collapse Means for Coinbase”

  1. What I'm concerned about here is Coinbase's ability to survive this extended bear market. They lost billions of dollars this year. And if they don't recover from their losses, this could be their final quarter. With the market's recent performance, it's probably a good time to switch exchanges or go for cold storage.

  2. Coinbase ain't going up anytime soon when they're getting worse and worse 🤣🤣

  3. Coinbase, in my opinion, is extremely unsafe and should not be used. Recently, I read their financial statements. They only have $6 billion in equity in a company worth $21 billion. Too big a void to fill in the case of a bank run.

  4. What does he mean by "Coinbase has a more regulated platform"? It's either regulated or it isn't.. Who the hell is this guy

  5. But hasn't Coinbase announced that if they declare Chapter 11 bankruptcy, their retail users' fundswill be liquidated first in order to pay off debtors? EXACTLY WHAT IS FTX DOING RIGHT NOW?!!

  6. Coinbase appears to be on its way for bankruptcy though. This bear market will undoubtedly bury it. If that happens, expect a market shift. The best thing to do now is to find better exchanges that do not pose the same risk as Coinbase.

  7. Just sayin…that was a great recovery at the beginning. I would have stumbled through the rest of the intro.

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