What do you guys think of this Amazon delivery for my wallet

Got this Trezor wallet delivered no seal no box LPN it means it was used by someone and returned. Do they have any security concerns at amazon.




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  2. You 100% should return this no questions asked. Even if you receive one boxed and the box is broken in some way return it. Better safe than sorry. This is a completely unacceptable way to receive a product with as much importance as a trezor.

  3. I got mine from Amazon and it came fully sealed in box , def return and get another .

  4. If Amazon is an official reseller, you should raise the matter with Trezor. It is their reputation on the line.

  5. This should have come in original box with hologram sticker. Buy direct from Trevor website, never from a reseller.

  6. I bought mine from Amazon, and they are a certified reseller. It even says so on the Trezor website.

    But yeah, that is sketch. You should still be able to see if the firmware is already downloaded on it, and if it isn’t,generate a new seed.

    But even if it is 100% OK, you will always have a sketchy thought in the back of your mind, and I wouldn’t risk it.

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