What DeFi Platform Solend Just Did Should Terrify You!

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What DeFi Platform Solend Just Did Should Terrify You!

DeFi platform Solend just voted itself the ability to seize a wallet belonging to a whale that was threatening to crash their platform and the entire Solana network. The precendent has now been set for them to seize your crypto when it suits them. It turns out this was little more than a decision made by one individual to save his own skin. Not exactly “decentralized” is it? Support the Channel on Patreon: e Join My Discord for More Discussion, Q&A, and News: Affiliate Links: Use this link to get $10 in free Bitcoin with Swan: / The Ledger Nano X: My favorite Hardware Wallet for Cold Storage of Crypto Assets: /> Follow me on Twitter: e Follow me on Gettr: _ Follow me on Gab: e Follow me on Reddit: E #Solend #Solana #DeFi #MelonHead #Crypto

10 thoughts on “What DeFi Platform Solend Just Did Should Terrify You!”

  1. The average Nasdaq or NYSE stock turns over 100% in just 100 days. That troubles me as a 30 yr advisor. Meanwhile Bitcoin? 100% in just 10 days….. very very suspect

  2. Great coverage hard for a silver guy to listen to I am just like buy silver…. seeing all the stuff people buy that could go to something useful… oh well it's a free world

  3. I am worried at how fast USA is being destroyed from within by Biden-Obama operatives inside our government. People are just standing by and watching like deer in the headlights afraid to move.

  4. Anyone who makes a claim that BTC is going to $1M needs their head examined…..just more extreme pumping….BTC is a washed up mutant turd aircoin with zero intrinsic value….how many transaction per second again, lol?…..how anonymous, lol….oh yeh, go buy a pizza with BTC and see how much it costs you…..I like your channel though

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