What are the advantages of autoclaiming vs manual claiming?

Hey everyone,

I’m wondering if anyone could share their thoughts on autoclaiming on Flare vs manual claiming on other platforms like Tezos or Ethereum. I'm looking for an opinion on which one is the most reliable and secure option for making a claim.

I know that Flare offers autoclaiming, where you can appoint an executor to claim rewards on your behalf. This is meant to reduce one's risk of losing rewards and compound interest if overlooked. I really like the UI of the Bifrost Wallet as it's easy to set up auto-claiming via this method / one can also use the flare oracle dapp. I’m also aware that if you don't want to use a Bifrost Wallet or their dapp, you can retrieve the executor addresses via the Flare Block Explorer and set it up this way and so I’m curious to see what experiences people have had especially as this is part of their airdrop.

Aside from the functionality and ease of use, I’d love to know how this compares to manual claiming and how considerations such as gas fees and eligible reward amounts are accounted for. Traditionally, the advice has always been to manual claim due to the control aspect as supposedly you can wait until the optimal time to claim your rewards and maximize the reward value but I I’m not necessarily sure if this is accurate and whether it is worth the tediousness of it all.

Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated,

Thanks in advance.