What altcoins would you invest $ 1,000,000 in?

Hi everyone!
We are all partly investors, we are trying to find the token that will bring us good x2x5x10… We will scatter our several thousand in different places with the hope of a good income. Feel free to manage your deposit, take into account risk management, etc.
But the situation is interesting, imagine that things are going well and at one point your deposit is $ 1,000,000.
What would you do and how would you behave? What altcoins would he invest in? Perhaps you would keep in stable positions while waiting for a great situation to enter the market?
What altcoin / altcoins would you choose and what would you invest your million in?

I think the best option now, given the risk-to-return ratio, is: 




and the P2E game we are making: $XMETA


What altcoins would you invest $ 1,000,000 in?

3 thoughts on “What altcoins would you invest $ 1,000,000 in?”

  1. $vrsc (veruscoin) for all the development being made. It probably is ahead of crypto by 2-3 years.

    It is not a pumped coin, no VC, no ICO, fully open-source, completely community project in the vision of satoshi.

    It’s a brand New paradigm in the crypto industries. If you’re looking for a quick pump to exit, that’s not the project to invest into. All investor in $vrsc are True believer in the vision paper. We qualify it as an evolution of bitcoin.

    A x1000 in the next 10 years is not out of the équation. And we don’t like pump and dump. Only natural growth/adoption in the spirit of bitcoin.

  2. I like Dot, it’s a clear pick. I’m holding it along with its parachains Astar, Unique, Acala and Moonbeam. I’m focusing on Web3 now (Helium, Dia, Arweave) and Metaverse (Sand, Mana).

    XMETA is “TTX Games” or “X-Metaverse”? both are appearing in CryptoRank.

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