Weekly Shill Post

Please use this daily post to advertise any and all coins traded on PCS! Any posts shilling coins outside this post will be deleted, and repeated offenders banned. Let's also try not to spam this section either.

Disclaimer: Any and all coins posted to this thread have a high probability of being a scam (anything with moon…) Please do your own DD on each project as we will not be verifying any coins advertised here.

We will try this out for a bit, see if the main group stays a bit more organized.

Users please upvote/downvote based on your own opinion of a project, to give people your own recommendation of each project shill. Stay safe out there people.

Weekly Shill Post

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  1. Please note that PancakeSwap (or any wallet service) DOES NOT provide support through direct messages.

    There are multiple scams targeting crypto users and you should NEVER, under any circumstances, share your wallet seed
    phrase or any personal information with anyone online!

    Keep yourself safe:

    1. Never click on any unverified links.
    2. Never share your private keys or seed phrases.
    3. Reporting all suspicious users.
    4. Be suspicious of everything – do your own research!

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