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We will try this out for a bit, see if the main group stays a bit more organized.

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  2. I want to tell everyone about Reflecto.

    Firstly, I’m a shiba Inu long-term holder. One of the things that shiba army is preoccupied in is how to burn more shiba to lessen the supply.

    Well, reflecto offers one of the solutions. It gives out rewards in BUSD, EGC and shiba which a great number of fellow SHIB army put in the burn wallet.

    It is a very young token but it is already making its mark. The reflections have been regular and increasing as the trading volume also rises. And marketing has not even started yet.

    It has a good future.

  3. GOGE – Doge’s Gay Son coin (seriously lol). 16% buy and sell tax, but 10% of that is paid out in CAKE distributions which is frickin awesome. I woke up one day to 30 new cake in my wallet. Those cake have paid my original investment back (and then some).

    It’s been around for about 6 weeks, so it’s still SUPER early with a sub $5mill MC. This is one of those coins that could hit $1bill MC that you wonder why you couldn’t have found it super early.

    If you think I’m some spam bot, check the website out (goge.co), and join the TG group. The dev is awesome. Super active, anti-rug with liquidity locked for 99yrs – check the pinksale) and they’re just about to start actively marketing it.

  4. $SHAK (Shakita Inu)

    Pretty self-explanatory choice. Low supply and thus, genuine $5+ potential.

    For $5 to be reached, we need a 40 billion market cap.

    $1: 8 billion market cap.

    ShakitaInu is a wise investment. A true BSC Gem.

    ⭐️ Telegram: t.me/shakinu ⭐️



    Contract: 0x76e08e1c693d42551dd6ba7c2a659f74ff5ba261

    Current price: 0.0005, so get in now.

    0% buy tax / 10-12% sales tax.

    SHAK PUGZ NFT project also launched. Tesla Model Y giveaway when all NFTs have been minted (0.25 BNB per NFT)

  5. I’ll try here then, I found this shitcoin the other day which supposedly has the same name of the latest ‘rona variant, IHU.

    I know nothing about it, so if you wanna waste a couple dollars to see if the coin will reach normies and they’ll FOMO is up to you.

    contract: 0xcfa08Ee8eBb3cAF80259412c39bA9Db04CBfCb4C

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