Weekly Ask Ledger Anything – leave your questions here! Week of June 13

Weekly Ask Ledger Anything thread here so your questions on hardware wallet, security, Ledger Live, coin integration and whatever else you might have doubts about can get answered.

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Weekly Ask Ledger Anything - leave your questions here! Week of June 13

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  2. Are you going to rethink your relationship with Lido with the recent issues with stEth?

  3. Is there anything else can I use a Ledger Nano for, apart from holding Crypto? There’s a lot of potential on the device and I don’t know if I’m taking advantage of it.


  4. I want to get into crypto more and decided to look into using a ledger. Which ones would you reccomend? I see a nano s/x on amazon. Also, I’ve read about ppl buying used ledgers and having their tokens stolen? How does one verify a ledger isn’t compromised? Buy directly from ledger?

  5. Will Ledger support Pulsechain when it launches as well as all the PRC20 copies of ETH tokens?

  6. A few quick questions
    1: if I get the new ledger nano s or s plus how many different coins can I store on it.
    2: can I stake DOT,AVAX and ADA directly or just ETH/ERC20 coins/tokens.
    3: which ledger do you recommend

  7. Can I send from a Segwit address to 323 with no problems? I haven’t kept up with changes etc since 2017 when I put my BTC on my wallet and now I want to move it and the exchange is giving me a 323 address.

    I would assume in this day that Ledger Live would throw up errors if it detected incompatible addresses right?

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