Web3 Ad Service Reaches 225K Users Within a Month of Launching Beta

A new Web3 ad service called Everyworld reached 225,000 users in its first month of beta testing. The platform combines elements of media, games, and marketplaces to show ads for traditional and blockchain games.

Everyworld aims to be a win for everyone involved. Gamers get a more engaging way to discover new games and potentially earn rewards while developers and advertisers get access to a targeted audience interested in their products.

Currently, it's available in select markets only but seems like a good one to add to your watchlist.

CMC listing – https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/everyworld/

Source – https://cointelegraph.com/news/web3-ad-nft-service-everyworld-reaches-225-k-users

2 thoughts on “Web3 Ad Service Reaches 225K Users Within a Month of Launching Beta”

  1. Crypto is a completely new market but these numbers are a lot higher than I would expect them to be TBH. Reaching over 200k people in one month is a lot.

  2. Yet again blockchain proves to be a rather untapped market. It’s more than obvious that you can reach a large audience if you know where to show your ads.

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