We just erased months of downside in just under 48 hours, that is the beauty of Crypto and volatile markets.

While we surely right now deserve to at least feel a bit of euphoria, especially after we are the ones that even survived the peak-fear situation of the SEC coming after every altcoin. The price action and all the events of the past days in the market actually perfectly show why we love the Crypto markets so much.

Just after we had hit $31k for the first time in April of this year we also simultaneously had a slow downturn started on BTC, in which we slowly bleed about -20% in just two months. We basically fell from nearly $31k to a local low of just under $25k before retracing.

Chart showing our two-month long slow bleed and then recovery in just basically two big daily candles

But luckily we are in the Crypto markets, a market that is known for its volatility and usually many criticise us for that volatility as you are much more likely to lose your money due to it. But I personally think that as long as you don’t over-leverage yourself and just HODL or even DCA if you want to, you should be fine. Instead that volatility will be more of a blessing than a curse.

As we have experienced now, that volatility is the reason for months long of downward price action to just be erased in literally 48 hours, thus we all should be thankful of that volatility giving us the much needed intensity in Crypto.

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31 thoughts on “We just erased months of downside in just under 48 hours, that is the beauty of Crypto and volatile markets.”

  1. OP I wish you keep posting a similar graph with upwards movement every 48 hours 😁

  2. I did manage to buy a good chunk when it was in he pits the last couple weeks. Regret not getting more (as always) but happy to see it jump back a bit.

  3. Don’t forget that it all can fall down again in less than 48h 😅 You never know in crypto.

  4. This is not just about crypto and volatile markets, It’s human nature. We can be in the dark for a long time, but a glimpse of light can make us forget whatever we went through.

  5. Yeap, if you can’t deal with highs/lows swinging like this then crypto is not for you.

  6. In hindsight we can also erase months of upside in under 48 hours as well. Not trying to be a downer, but damn things change faster than Clark Kent in a phone booth.

  7. Now I just need another 2 trillion in market cap to get back to April 2021…should be any day now lol

  8. Been averaging down on Hut8 for a very long time now. When it hit $1.50 or so (CAD) I sold almost everything else I had to go all in. Price is closing in on $4 and the ATH at the peak of the last bull run is over $20 (not that I expect to hit it any time soon / ever.) Been a huge fan of this company for a long time and I think they are THE example of a well managed crypto miner going into the future.

    It’s at the point for me where every little run like this actually makes me a decent amount of money and it feels good haha.

    Check them out if you haven’t already.

  9. Hold on. That’s the “beauty” you say. You realise that that same volatility is the reason you can lose 60% in less than a few weeks or even less. Heck, we still have yet to recover from said 60% drop last year. Pre and early 2022 holders are still down alot.

    The hopium is strong with this one.

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