We have new banner renter! This time it is… our own subreddit’s official telegram channel!

As you could see we have new banner. This time situation is a bit different since it is not rented by exchange or project, but our own rCryptoCurrency Telegram Channel.

One day of renting banner was bought with moons burned by rCryptoCurrency Telegram chat members, majority of them are also active in the sub, so big thanks to all of them! Second day will be mainly possible thanks to our great mods u/nanooverbtc and u/Cintre ( both are active in cc telegram) that decided to burn some of their own moons to let Telegram community afford second full day of renting banner, so cheers to them too!

Idea of renting banner was to promote rCC Telegram, since vast majority of users in the sub have no idea we even have official Telegram Chat despite it being active for nearly 2 years ( it will be exactly full 2 years next month!).

I think it is definitely worth to check our Telegram, if you like more casual atmosphere and want to talk not only about crypto, meet new friends and have fun you will love it there. We have games and tips and a lot of inside jokes. I am active in our Telegram since first month of it's existence and I do not regret those two years. I met a lot of great friends there and learned a lot. You are welcome to check rCC telegram chat by yourself and hope you will also like it there.

Special thanks to:

u/Effsy, one of rCC Telegram users, who made banner and other members that made their propositions of things we should include on banner. We settled on minimalistic, but hopefully cool look! Also additional thanks to u/nanooverbtc for cooperating whole process.

Link to join Telegram chat you have here:


You can also find link in the sidebar of the subreddit

50 thoughts on “We have new banner renter! This time it is… our own subreddit’s official telegram channel!”

  1. Burn those moons baby and push our valuations ever higher, thanks to our banner renters and cheers.

  2. Our commitment to moons is so strong, I am overwhelmed with the love for moons

  3. I will never use telegram for crypto purposes because it is just 100000% spam and scams.

    Plus why use a telegram chat when you can get moons from daily thread chatting

  4. (1) Fiat payday

    (2) Moons Snapshot day

    (3) New r/CryptoCurrency banner bought with Moons + the amount will be burned

    What a beautiful day 🙌

  5. The telegram group is quite fun, don’t miss it guys, here you will see MOON news before anyone else.

  6. I quit using Telegram and much prefer Discord to avoid a singular, linear chat, but this is very cool to see the community grab this!

  7. I tried joining this channel in the past but it seemed to be like you had to know all the inside jokes etc.

    Might give it another shot

  8. I stopped using telegram after being stalked like crazy with all those scammers, it can really be a shithole

  9. Join us in the (not so) secret cool group on TG – we have moons tips and everything 😀

  10. i appreciate having another place to hang out but i usually just chit chat in daily

  11. If you wanna talk about day to day stuff and discuss Crypto elsewhere, the CC Telegram group is a great place outside of this sub!

  12. I did not know about it, but now I know.

    Proves the banner advertising really works.

    Just joined.

  13. A new banner AND a telegram group right around distribution week as the Courts force the SEC to review ETFs applications ?! Man what a week. Happy distribution week eve everyone !

  14. I’m glad Moons have been burned, but maybe for the sub’s own channel there could have been an exception and some free exposure 😀

  15. I was getting bored of Agora Desk, good to see our boys are trying to build a more active community

  16. I didn’t know either, even bring on this sub for 2 years I believe.

    Well, thanks to the guys for renting and let us know!

  17. Thanks for burning moons guys and gals. I have joined the telegram and await further instructions.

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