We are proud to announce a new Syrup Pool with Carbon

We are proud to announce a new Syrup Pool with Carbon


🥞Stake $CSIX to earn $CAKE

⏰ Starts: 4 Apr 11:00 UTC

ℹ️Good news for CSIX hodlers! Carbon will market-buy CAKE to distribute via this syrup pool. Be assured, no CAKE was used from PCS treasury

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ℹ️ Total CAKE offered: 5,000

⏰ Duration: 14 days

🥞 Pool limit: 10,000 CSIX for the entire duration

🔐 The official #CSIX token address: 0x04756126F044634C9a0f0E985e60c88a51ACC206

Carbon is a fast, privacy-focused web3 browser that comes with built-in ads and website tracker blocking. To date, Carbon has gained over 5.7 million downloads with more than 1.5 million monthly active users (MAUs).

Carbon is available for download on Google Play Store and the iOS app is scheduled for release in Q2, followed by Mac OS/PC in Q3. – join the growing community now!

$CSIX token powers the entire Carbon ecosystem by offering discounted fees when using:

– AdX – Carbon's upcoming self-serve ad marketplace

– Carbon Pro – a premium browsing experience

– Cross-Chain Swaps within the integrated browser wallet

– Holders get access to voting and proposals on Governance DAO allocation

📚To learn more, visit: https://carbon.website/

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