WARNING!!!! Reddit allowing scammers to pay to promote fake Trezor phishing site via their adverts. See attached image, do not click any of these ad links.

As its an ad obv comments are turned off, but if you see it you can report it.

20 thoughts on “WARNING!!!! Reddit allowing scammers to pay to promote fake Trezor phishing site via their adverts. See attached image, do not click any of these ad links.”

  1. In case anyone wonder where that link goes to, it opens a fake trezor suite and asks you for your recovery info.

    With the reddit sub and the Rishi barbecue, telling, but it’s not a sub I have joined, no interest in political nonsense.

  2. The real Trezor suite will only ever ask for your seed if you are restoring your device, and even then it asks for the words out of order (the number of the word requested will show up on your Trezor device screen so that your PC will never know the order). Even so, I never use that recovery method because if someone was watching (malware) even giving them your seed phrase out or order would decrease the security of your seed tremendously. I really don’t even think they should offer that method. I only use the advanced recovery where you enter the seed in a similar way to how you enter your pin, by clicking blank buttons on your PC that correspond to characters or character rangers shown on your Trezor screen.

    Really wish there was a way to enter the passphrase in a similar way as well. I don’t like giving my passphrase to my PC. That’s why I’m considering switching to the coldcard q1… It has a cute lil keyboard integrated.

  3. Hope I can bring some light to this.

    Reddit is EXTREMELY strict with crypto related ads, how do I know? Because I sell stainless steel backups and I once tried to setup Reddit Ads…

    You basically have to to a full KYC and prove that the product you will advertise is not a scam. Then, they assign you a Reddit Ads representative that will have to approve each and every move you do in your account… All the creatives you upload have to be MANUALLY reviewed by said person and only then, your ad will show up.

    How did they get past this? You can see the URL of the ad is skydivingbostonmassachusetts.com, so they must have had that ad approved first and then replaced the creative with this fake Trezor one which at first glance, doesn’t look like anything crypto related. Then, they replaced the contents of skydivingbostonmassachusetts.com to look like Trezor suite (or they setup a 301 redirect).

    Here’s what a rejected crypto ad looks like: https://i.imgur.com/xa17jVA.png (This happened 5 minutes after uploading the creative)

    edit: they did a 301 redirect

    edit: the domain was registered TODAY in Russia https://who.is/whois/trezor-websuite.com

  4. I’m way concerned with the bbq. Someone just made a really inappropriate joke/comment and it was 100% about the lady in the green dress.

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  6. r/greenandpleasant is toxic as hell. There’s nothing pleasant about that sub.

    It’s full of arrogant hate filled people that think they are better that you

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