WARNING: Bitcoin About to Crash?! ($5000 Possible)


WARNING: Bitcoin About to Crash?! ($5000 Possible)

The FTX collapse shocked the crypto market and made our bear market even worse. But what if I told you there are 6 remaining existential risks, and each of them could be worse than FTX… well in this video let’s take a look at each one and dissect why people are worried and HOW LIKELY they are to even happen… Timestamps: 0:00 6 Huge Risks 0:26 Risk 1 2:32 Risk 2 4:54 Risk 3 6:31 Risk 4 9:12 Risk 5 11:47 Risk 6 #Bitcoin #crypto #bearish #risks #FTX #silvergate #Tether #Ripple #ETH #DCG #Genesis #Grayscale #GBTC #Binance

10 thoughts on “WARNING: Bitcoin About to Crash?! ($5000 Possible)”

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  2. More people need ro invest in the blue chips here. I'm around 90% between BTC and AWC600T combined. Good advice Lark thanks!

  3. Not sure about BTC and ETH, but putting USDT in AWC600T for 10x makes sense.

  4. I'm waiting on AWC600T don't like buying after it's already pumped, still buying btc

  5. You are worried that all crypto will be classified as security except eth, tell us what the difference is between ETH and some other random POS crypto asset. You guys are all the same, protecting that what you own. If the SEC wins against Ripple then 100% ETH will be classified security.

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