Wallet needs to be restored – old address gone

Hey guys.

I’m having huge and urgent trouble, I was logging into my meta mask account app (iPhone) this morning and I got the following message: something has gone wrong, let’s try and restore your wallet. I tried several times and restarted my iPhone, but no way to solve the issue.

Since no other buttons are available I decided to click on restore wallet. After that the app said the wallet is ready. Continue to wallet.

Now, I sign in with my usual password and after I’ve signed in I successfully with my login I get a message saying “protect your wallet”

Behind the message I can see part of my funds and the old wallet address. However I can only click on protect wallet.

After pressing protect wallet I need to create a new password.

Now, I’ve tried several different passwords but they all say invalid password and i am stuck.

So I imported the old wallet with my 12 recovery phrases on my pc instead of my cellphone. But the issue is that my old meta mask address is now is gone. I only can see some minor eth gas funds but no tokens and I have a lot of staked coins connected to my old wallet address.

The funds are still in the old address untouched and no unknown transactions (checked etherscan and bscscan).

Is my old wallet and address lost or can I somehow recover it? I’m feeling bad at the moment, as a lot of my saved money is on the wallet… staked coins etc
Would be happy to transfer a $100 fee of preferred coin for a solution that works.

Best regards.

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  1. Try logging in another decentralized wallet like trustwallet and see if you still get the old address or new address and if you still have the same issues you need to do something about it

  2. Couple of very basic things. 1. Click create account on PC a couple of times…. does it shoe up??? Your mnemonic is actually an index of thousands of keypairs, always the same… always in the same order. 2. If it doesn’t show… did you ever import… a single privkey? Because if you did you’l need the mnemonic that key is apart of (different index). 3. It is rarely anything but these two basic things LOL

  3. To clarify for everyone. When you import the wallet with recovery phrases it can become a new address on the new unit. How do I retrieve what’s in my old address?

    I’m also a 100% certain I’ve used the right phrases.

  4. Paste the public Addy here: https://blockscan.com from the PC metamask. And like I said add the next accounts to see the other addresses of that mnemonic (12 word recovery phrase in your case). Keep your words private and don’t enter them anywhere other than the official Metamask wallet for now. I bet your funds are all there you’re just unfamiliar with networks.

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