Velorex – The World’s First DEFI Crypto ATM – Launching NowBSC Token


Velorex is a European cryptocurrency startup that is developing the world's first decentralized ATM. The Velorex system will be owned and operated by individuals spread across a node-like network.

By creating the worlds first DeFi banking network for emerging markets, we will enable users to access the wide world of online-shopping, online-banking, and safe money storage and transfer.

ATM operators will provide liquidity and offer a Crypto-Fiat exchange in return for commission.


Velorex Token Launch

The smart contract was launched at the beginning of Q2, 2021. Since that time, the token has been listed on PancakeSwap and LBank exchanges. We have had the smart contract audited by Certik Security.

Prototype dATM Complete

Throughout the course of Q4 2021 – Q3 2022, our DeFi Crypto ATM prototype development was underway. The machine is now ready for public demonstration and testing – a huge milestone for our company.

Company Incorporation

The 'Velorex ATM Diş Ticaret Limited Şirketi' company has been founded in Turkey as a base for our worldwide operations.

Members Club NFT Collection

The 'Velorex Members Club' has been founded. This club is exclusive, limited, and accessible only to those that hold an official Velorex NFT in their smart wallet. Mint an NFT now using our DApp to join the club. You'll also experience many other benefits such as reduced transaction taxes when trading VEX using our dedicated swap.

Contract Address: 0xA8B0c7659ACc09216CE7998eCF1B5637c1F44790

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