50 thoughts on “Use bitcoin to buy tiny homes”

  1. Looks nice! Brand?

    Man I’d find anything else other than Bitcoin to buy this, since IMO for right now, Bitcoin is a store of value. In 10 years 1 BTC might buy 10 of these

  2. Tiny houses are a fad. Just like pork belly and manbuns. And very much unlike bitcoin. So that’s going to be a hard no from me, champ.

  3. Bathroom is a bit too 20th century western. It’s gonna get gross af in a few years of usage. You need washable surfaces and a bidet so you don’t have a dirty ass all day.

    That does look like a fun af way to spend a few years touring. It could perhaps be affordable housing for the working class. But all that wood is expensive and a liability. 3d printed housing seems like the way forward.

    I’d buy it for maybe 0.1 bitcoin. I can wait.

  4. Lol id rather take that 75k buy land and build a villa with swimming pool in west coast africa and rent it

  5. BTC backed loan, buy land, a few of these…rent them out. Could be a viable option in the future.

  6. What extras are in the photos, and what do they cost? What is then the total price for everything in the photos? E.g. Is it 75k excluding lamps, windows, AC, etc?

  7. You traded an appreciating asset for a depreciating one. This isn’t even real estate. It’s a cross between a mobile home and a trailer, with a smaller resale market that used e-bikes.

  8. Technically it’s on wheels so it’s considered the same as a mobile home, right? Taxes are different than a standard home?

  9. Nah. My friend used to live in one of those (WEST-EU). His watertank was frozen during winter and he had no water for weeks. Those are fun to rent of visit for a weekend IMO.

  10. It’s really good but please put a handrail on that staircase. A small misstep and your head could hit right on the counter top.

  11. Yay! Tiny homes are what the oligarchy want their slaves to live in so they can continue to have profit generators children and fuel overpopulation!

  12. 75K???🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 this is a fucking two storey garden shed mate. What an absolute joke.

  13. These things depreciate like crazy. I’m sure you could find a almost-new one for half the price or less. Tons of people try these things out and hate them.

  14. A goal in life should be to live in something bigger than a sardine can. I’m sorry.

  15. I’ve always loved the idea of getting a tiny home. The only thing that has stopped me is that you pretty much have to go with a composting toilet, unless of course you hook it up to plumbing or a septic system. But that in turn would defeat one of the other major advantages which is mobility.

  16. This is just a last resort for people who can’t afford a real house. I prefer my brick and stone house that will last 100+ years over this wooden shed.

  17. If you’re paying 75,000 dollars worth of anything for that DIY caravan, then you’ve been ripped off.

  18. Absolutely not. Just buy a really nice RV. They are configured way more nicely than a fancy shed on wheels.

  19. Where is it? Yes I absolutely would (would prefer to build my own though). I quite literally am looking for a way to do this but want the right location. I’m thinking I could at minimum stay at a lake resort with it over the summer.

  20. Good for you. Not sure why all the hate. Got a house mortgage-free.
    Love the wood panel look.

  21. Congrats on using bitcoin in a transaction for goods/services! Can’t have mass adoption if people won’t use bitcoin.

  22. Use Bitcoin to buy tiny homes so you can buy more Bitcoin with which to … buy… tiny… homes…?

  23. God no. Hope you really like wood, lol. I would prefer to pay a beautiful apartment for life with actual human square feet living space rather than that trailer home.

  24. Honestly, if BTC hits 60k again I might cash out and figure out how to buy two or three of these to rent out for passive income. Plenty of college students and government contractors who would take this over a dorm room or small apartment in a complex. Could easily get upwards of 1k per month for each. I’ve got a half-acre and no HOA. Would be feasible to extend my driveway through to a small private cul de sac. The hardest part would be getting the wife on board.

  25. People, in general, who like blockchain and Bitcoin likely see these little “super nice” places as ideal. Shoot, I like the tiny home. Less to clean 🤔

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