USDT ⚠️Tether Depeg Continues🚨 CELSIUS freezes Assets Nexo Makes Move, Fed Rate Hike Expectations

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USDT ⚠️Tether Depeg Continues🚨 CELSIUS freezes Assets Nexo Makes Move, Fed Rate Hike Expectations

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10 thoughts on “USDT ⚠️Tether Depeg Continues🚨 CELSIUS freezes Assets Nexo Makes Move, Fed Rate Hike Expectations”

  1. Im not happy people are losing funds to CeFi of course. However, my warning is always the same. No keys, no crypto.
    Also this will give strength to DeFi like SGB/FLR where "trustlessly" you will earn on your fAsset.
    Thanks as always, cEri

  2. Eri-san,
    Thank you for always keeping it real and not sugar coating.
    I look at it as a time to pick up great deals on the dip. 🙏🏽

  3. Thanks for the update Eri, strange times. I wonder if the market is going to crash even more. I recommend people learn about cold wallet's and get your crypto off the exchanges, take care Eri 🌞

  4. $5 a gallon in the US is getting pretty high, especially considering all the large engine vehicles which are driven! For comparison in the UK, I paid over £7.56 a gallon ($9.18 a gallon or £2 / $2.43 a litre) only the other day… 😬

  5. Also i would like to point out one more thing. The Nexo thread and positive balance sheet cannot save the inevitability of CeFi.
    As SGB/FLR prove out the real usefulness of DeFi, CeFi will not remain and cannot remain.

  6. Solid voice of reason in a tsunami! Thank you. HODL. I BOUGHT MORE XRP, XLM, HBAR

  7. Thanks for this, Eri – the Nexo bit was very positive.
    Not sure if you follow Linda P. Jones but this vid she put out earlier this morning is a breath of fresh air to all the FUD just now:

    Cheers from Toronto! 🙂

  8. I have been buying XRP On uphold have little over half of it on my Ledger Nano X the other half on uphold where can I buy it and not have to wait 64 days to move it to my nano Love your show you are one of the best ❤️

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