Update – Podcast is Being Rescheduled to Later This Week – Apologies!

Hi frens, one of our team has network issues and can't stay online, the other has a home repair emergency. Unfortunately we will reschedule.. and let you know beforehand!

Below is a preview of what we will discuss later in the week.. see something missing? Add it in the comments below!

  • US Government / SEC stating Bitcoin is the only potential commodity among cryptos
  • A Solana smartphone? Not as unusual as some think
  • More 3AC drama and continued fallout from the Luna meltdown
  • The $100 million hack of Harmony
  • The Bored Ape lawsuit against the RyderRipps accusations of neo-Nazism and racism
    • And his copy>paste of BAYC NFTs that sold out…
  • The outcome of NYT NYC-
    • Eminem and Snoop performance for the Apes
    • Free goblinburgers and Steve Aoki performance for Goblins
    • Doodles very professional corporate style presentation
    • Half of NFT NYC participants collecting the COVID-19 POAP
      • wishing everyone a speedy recovery
  • Bitcoin's diminished returns.. what it potentially means for future bull cycles
  • FTX “rescuing” failing crypto funds/projects

And a little chart eye candy – Bitcoin (so far) confirming earlier resistance as support.


reddit imageUpdate - Podcast is Being Rescheduled to Later This Week - Apologies!

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  1. Seeing as you are touching on the SEC, you could maybe discuss the current ripple case and the ripple effects from it.

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