Upcoming Alephium bridge unlocking it’s first dex Ayin ‘s full potential

Alephium's long awaited bridge to Ethereum (then later Binance and any wormhole compatible chain) is finally coming to mainnet Nov 15th. This seems like it will open the floodgates to Alephium and it's first dex Ayin.app

Currently a lot of users seem to be geofenced away from ALPH and AYIN. Ayin has been able to get 1mil TVL while being at 500k Mcap. While also achieving 1mil in volume in just a couple months on just ALPH/AYIN pair. When the bridge comes stables and other coins will be unlocked on Ayin, increasing volume and access exponentially. Ayin stakers and LP get .15% of trading fees, plus currently early dex APY/APR for LP 60-300%. This seems like an excellent opportunity to get in early.

Anyone have any thoughts on it? Alephium seems like a very under the radar altcoins with a team that has focused on building pure quality in the past year.


4 thoughts on “Upcoming Alephium bridge unlocking it’s first dex Ayin ‘s full potential”

  1. I am a big fan of Alephium. Bridge to ETH is going to make it a lot easier to get ALPH. For a long time mining was the only way to get it for US folks. I am bullish on the ecosystem they are building.

  2. Alph team has really been delivering lately. They released a great mobile wallet just today, did you see that? probably the best crypto wallet I’ve used.

    I’m psyched to see what the future holds for Alephium.

  3. The mobile wallet I was mentioning just came out of beta for Android btw. (Still in beta technically for iOS) – they posted about it this morning – https://www.reddit.com/r/Alephium/s/lwov9HLXkF

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