Unreliable Sources – crypto media is all up for sale


Yes indeed, the crypto media is all up for sale attached is the screenshot of the pricing deck of a crypto PR company, showing what coverage can be procured in what outlets and how much this costs.

This isn't just PR, it's brown-envelope journalism. Note at the bottom it says: “15 guaranteed publications (6 are organic, the rest -with 'Sponsored'/'Press release tags')”

Media coverage can't be organic and guaranteed – this just means they're paying the outlets not to include sponsored labels on their posts.

SBF bought all of this. Every”exchange review” published about them (like this one: coinwire.com/ftx-review/) was paid for, despite not being marked as sponsored. know this because we worked with competitors of theirs, who tasked us with buying these same style reviews.

Nothing should be taken at face value in crypto, especially not what the crypto media writes- it's all rigged.

19 thoughts on “Unreliable Sources – crypto media is all up for sale”

  1. Ooh! Now do the regular press prices for PR / Reporter distribution to include a TV tour!

  2. Now if we could just get the data of who’s been ordering which pieces. That’d be interesting!

  3. You’d have to be incredibly naive, ignorant or gullible to think ANY article about the crypto space wasn’t geared towards lining someone else’s pockets.

  4. I mean is anyone surprised? “Crypto journalism” is legit utter nonsense almost always. Its hype clickbait garbage with poor sourcing and poor article writing.

  5. This has been well known for at least 5 years, crypto media has never even actually tried to hide it. All the forced redactions after a payment from his majesty Justin Sun after one of the sites would post some obvious truth about him being a scamming lowlife.

    But there’s a crypto news website that is not on this list, of course, and that website is Protos. They’re a small team, with insufficient funding (imagine that lol), but they’ve always been straight up since day one and will always call out the bullshit that constantly happens in this absolute shit show joke of an industry.

    Support the ones that are trying to make a difference if this is something of importance to you.

  6. This would be a great opportunity for an industry wide cross chain DAO to start acquiring media outlets and establishing an ethical standard.

  7. Bro no shit, I see articles on Coinbase and other big crypto sites constantly shilling memecoins, and the “article” is super obviously PR

  8. there should be a law, if they are paid for content they should add a banners saying is paid and how much they paid if not, face jail

  9. And in fact just remove the word “crypto” and you now understand how the media works.

  10. Writers need to be paid, but no one wants to pay subscriptions and no one wants to see ads / ads get blocked anyway. So the only way for publications to get revenue is by making companies pay them for coverage.

  11. Sorry, but – what did you think? That it was all ‘objective journalism’? Most of the media sites are complicit in pump schemes.

  12. Unfortunate to see that list. What’s the best websites for crypto news then? Specifically ones with RSS feeds please.

  13. “God! These people are monsters!” – say the people who planned a giant promotional event for their own shitcoin on Twitter.

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