Uniswap is now one of the crypto.com’s dApps!

So, uniswap is now on the crypto.com DeFi wallet. As some one who is interested in providing liquidity to a pool to earn passive revenue I’m just to confused in learning about their app. Where can you see the Apr for coin pairs? Is there even a farm option on this app? How do you see the rewards that you can earn? I see where I can add liquidity, but I would be bummed if I realized that the pool I entered is only offering me 0.01% Apr… how can you see the rates before you add? I don’t want to jump in blind.

2 thoughts on “Uniswap is now one of the crypto.com’s dApps!”

  1. Why would you use that wallet when you have full freedom to choose any dApp using for example Metamask?

  2. DeFi staking USDT 15% Apy Atom 14.91 Apy cro 12.5 Apy. What does MetaMask offer for these same coins?

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