Unipilot RealYield and Actual Usecase

Unipilot is a project with a real use case and token utility that may be of interest to the community. It is a Uniswap v3 liquidity optimizer designed to manage your liquidity efficiently, removing the need to guess the optimal price range and pay excessive gas fees for rebalancing. The project has been successfully operating on Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, and BSC. Notably, Unipilot has implemented measures to enhance tokenomics, such as sustainable returns of 50% to 100% APR from optimized liquidity fees, which are not inflation-based. Additionally, the project has been actively burning tokens each quarter, with 50% already burned and a plan to remove 78% of the token supply.

Yesterday, Unipilot launched on QuickSwap Polygon, and they have plans to integrate their dApp and farms in the near future. It's important to consider the potential risk of impermanent loss (IL), but the project's careful rebalancing and range selection aim to maximize profits and minimize IL. Unipilot has been operational for over two years and has not experienced any exploits.

The project has undergone an audit by Hacken, and they have since switched to BlockApex as their auditor. You can review the audit report Audit .

Unipilot's development team remains focused on continual building and iteration. Given its track record and potential, this project could be worth exploring and utilizing before the next bull run. It has the potential for significant growth, with the possibility of a 10x increase within six months.